ABCs Of Home Testosterone Testing

Testosterone is involved in sexual functions and contributes to the maintenance of general health. For both sexes, it forms inside the zona reticulosa in the adrenal cortex. The androgenic hormone that is not involved in spermatogenesis travels through the bloodstream to target tissues around the body. 

It is largely bound to a specific transport protein SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Men up to age 50 normally have 8.6 to 29.0 nmol/L in serum, while women of the same age normally have 0.29 to 1.7 nmol/L. Its effects can be divided into virilizing and anabolic effects. The virilizing effects entail the development of the male sexuality, and anabolic - physical performance and structure. Along with growth hormone, they are involved in protein synthesis and buildup of muscles. However, it also affects the central nervous system.

It acts in cells by binding to androgen receptors, nuclear receptors, through which it affects the transcription of DNA. It is also a prohormone - to estrogens. The percentage is prohormone and hormone is gender dependent. Men typically have higher levels of active androgen, while the greater part of the androgenic hormone formed in women is converted to estrogens. However, this can change because of various diseases and pathological conditions. 

The enzyme that transforms it into estrogens is called aromatase. If the conversion to estrogen is pathologically high, aromatase inhibitors counteract it. It exerts its effect in humans and other vertebrates by two main mechanisms. First, by binding through activation of androgen receptors, converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and by conversion to estrogen estradiol (and then by activation of different estrogen receptors).


Testosterone testing

In men, blood levels of testosterone may decrease lead to low libido, weaker erections and in extreme cases infertility. To determine the actual levels of the hormone in the system, it is necessary to conduct home testosterone testing. The procedure can be conducted using either blood or saliva samples, which reveal results quickly and easily. The testosterone testing kits are available online from a wide variety of platforms. This makes it easier to buy a kit and perform the test at home.

Be aware that the results do not represent a diagnosis. It is necessary to consult a doctor to consider additional examinations or a possible treatment. A good result is, for your doctor, an important indication of your state of health, just like a bad one. The results are likely to be different according to the technique implemented by the laboratory.

Low levels of testosterone can cause a decrease in energy levels, which can lead to a number of problems. The lack of energy can affect all aspects of your daily life, including physical activity, attention, and concentration at work, and especially in the bedroom. Unfortunately, testosterone levels begin to decrease with age, leading to the appearance of the side effects of low testosterone.

Men with low levels use testosterone boosters for a variety of reasons. They aim to boost libido, raise testosterone levels naturally, which have a positive effect on the male sex drive.


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